The Client: Penn’s Landing

Penn’s Landing is the waterfront area of the Center City along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were looking for a way to advertise some businesses and these fence wraps are what the CR Philly team came up with. Not too shabby, right?

Logo Backdrops: Rolling Out The Red Carpet

Color Reflections is rolling out the red carpet for this week’s blog post! We’ve covered banner stands, billboards, car wraps, and several other products that we offer to clients in previous posts, but this time we want to focus on logo backdrops! What exactly is a “logo backdrop”? Well, to put it in the most relatable way possible, are you […]

Banner Stands: Standing Out In A Crowd

Banner stands are a great way to promote your business at expos, trade shows, charity events, golf outings, the list goes on. The great thing about these stands are the fact that they do not take up much space whatsoever. They typically measure 2-3 feet along the bottom and 6 feet high. You do not have to worry about the […]

The Color Reflections Global Shop Booth

The Color Reflections teams all joined forces this year at Global Shop in Las Vegas and this was our booth! We introduced some new products as well as showcased our classic ones. Our ‘fresh ideas’ really shine through from the floor graphics to the wall chalker to the old car! Everyone you see in this photo can be created for […]

The Client: Cartier

Here is some custom fabrication work that we have done for Cartier. As you may or may not know, Cartier is a high end jewelry manufacturing and watchmaking company. Their pieces are truly one of a kind, much like the custom fabrication work that we do for our clients. Each item is tailored towards their wants and needs. If your […]

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