Barclays Center Floor Graphic

Towards the end of the 2016-17 NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets were in need of a new floor graphic for their center circle at the Barclays Center. They came to us and we slammed it home! It’s always cool to finish a job that you know millions and millions of people will see. Just another reason why we love what […]

Dress Up Your Carpet!

Have you ever wanted something a little more than your local carpeting company can offer? How about decals or logos or emblems to walk on? Pretty cool, right? Let us dress up your carpet! Now I’m not saying you need to get something like Batman (pictured) or your favorite super hero, but wouldn’t it be impressive for your clients to […]

The Color Reflections Global Shop Booth

The Color Reflections teams all joined forces this year at Global Shop in Las Vegas and this was our booth! We introduced some new products as well as showcased our classic ones. Our ‘fresh ideas’ really shine through from the floor graphics to the wall chalker to the old car! Everyone you see in this photo can be created for […]

Eco-Friendly Printing Alternatives

Color Reflections has always been innovative and progressive. Our next step into the future is going “Green”. We are aggressively sourcing new manufacturing materials that meet Eco-Friendly certification requirements. We realize the importance for us all to be environmentally conscious, so Color Reflections is proud to provide and promote our clients with Eco-Friendly alternatives to almost all of our printing […]

The 2013 SGIA Expo In Orlando, Florida

This year the 2013 SGIA Expo will be held in sunny Orlando, Florida. All of our Color Reflections locations will have at least one member in attendance. This expo is a great way to meet tons and tons of new people as well as get inside information on up and coming technology. That is what we are all about at […]

Floor Graphics That Pop

Picture this. You are at the airport and just got off a 5 hour flight. You are going down the escalator and on the ground on the next floor is a 15 foot picture of a Big Mac. You start drooling and frantically begin searching for the nearest McDonald’s. BOOM! We got you. We can make floor graphics so real […]

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