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From the east coast (Philadelphia) to the midwest (Oklahoma City), Color Reflections has the entire country wrapped up…you see what we did there? Why use a coat of paint, wallpaper, or framed inspiration photos when you can wrap your walls in large format custom wall wraps like the ones shown above?

We do more than just sports arenas. You can see Color Reflection’s work in malls, cruise ships, large buildings, offices, airports, hotels, and basically anywhere else that has walls.

The Process

To get started, we would need to know how large you would need your custom wall wraps to be. What are the dimensions? What colors would you like to use? Where exactly are you placing them? Would you need us to install them? Things like that. These answers would help us get an accurate quote for you. If you are satisfied with the pricing, we can move forward on design. We like to boast a pretty streamlined process because not only do we design and print these custom wall wraps for you, but we can also go to your location and install them for you. Talk about one stop shopping!

To get a rapid quote from your local Color Reflections location, please click here.

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