How Do You Advertise Your Business?


There are a million and one ways to advertise your business. Billboards, TV spots, online pay-per-click campaigns, the list goes on. This little graphic helpsĀ to point out exactly how many people you are reaching with each campaign. While we aren’t saying that direct mail pieces and billboards aren’t effective ways to advertise, we ARE saying that more people can be reach in other ways. Like for instance VEHICLE WRAPS!

On a $3,000 advertising budget, you can go about reaching your customers in a multitude of ways. Allocate some money to use online, some money for TV, some for billboards, etc. By creating a custom vehicle wrap, you have the ability to reach MILLIONS of people in a year’s time with that same amount of money that you paid to each a couple thousand people in a few months. Our quality vehicle wraps will also last several years. So what? Well, that means you can reach MILLIONS of people each year! It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

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