The Client: PHMC


PHMC in Philadelphia, PA in a nonprofit public health institute that was in need of a fresh look for their new facility. CR Philly took care of the fabrication and installation. Great job everyone who was involved!






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About PHMC: Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) is a nonprofit public health institute that builds healthier communities through partnerships with government, foundations, businesses and community-based organizations. It fulfills its mission to improve the health of the community by providing outreach, health promotion, education, research, planning, technical assistance, and direct services.

PHMC has served the Greater Philadelphia region since 1972 as a facilitator, developer, intermediary, manager, advocate and innovator in the field of public health. With nearly 1500 employees, 250 programs, eleven subsidiaries –one with programs throughout Pennsylvania, and another nationwide– 70 sites and close to 200,000 clients served annually, PHMC has become one of the largest and most comprehensive public health organizations in the nation.

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